The background of Community Service (KKN) is a program that becomes an integral part of the curriculum in the undergraduate program (SI) that integrates student learning experiences with the reality of life in the community.

This program is intended to develop students soft skills and their personalities to foster a spirit of nationality, as well as self-confidence in preparing themselves to face the reality of social life

Along with its development, the implementation of Community Service Program has become a national scale event, where several universities not only carry out KKN in the location of their higher education, but also to various regions, provinces and districts in Indonesia, including the outermost, leading and lagging regions. (area 3T) and the border region.

The National Community Service Program (KKN KEBANGSAAN), being the priority program of the Directorate General of Learning and Student Affairs, Kemenristekdikti collaborates with the MRPTNI which runs once a year alternately by the State Higher Education Cooperation Agency (BKS-PTN) in the western region and KPTN-KTI in the eastern region, involving all state universities in the country.

THEME “STRENGTHENING NATIONALISM THROUGH ¬†ARCHIPELAGO- BASED RESOURCES MANAGEMENT AND DISASTER MITIGATION”. For this reason, the 2019 National Community Service Program is directed at 2 sub-themes, namely:

  1. Development of Ecotourism and Small Island Coastal Resources (KDP) Based on Local Excellence.
  2. Disaster Education and Mitigation in Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) Efforts