In the implementation of KKN-Kebangsaan, all activities must be oriented to;

  1. Leadership development,
  2. Development of student reasoning and soft skills,
  3. Community empowerment.
  4. Development of motivation to create community creativity and innovation


The objectives of the National KKN are:

  1. a) Increasing national insight and nationalism spirit of Indonesian students in the frame of the Republic of Indonesia (NKRI) unitary state.
  2. b) Building networks as an adhesive for the national values ​​of students as the young generation who are the successors of the struggle of the nation and the unitary state of the Republic of Indonesia in the future.
  3. c) Exploring the potential of regional resources through creative and innovative thinking based on science and technology.
  4. d) Improve leadership or organizational leadership capabilities at the level of real work in the community for students as future leaders of the nation.
  5. e) Encouraging and spurring national development activities by fostering the motivation of people in the regions to actively participate in development through community empowerment activities.
  6. f) Strengthening the vision of nationalism through opportunities and life experiences to socialize with different communities from their home regions, so as to foster a spirit of tolerance with a deep understanding of the values ​​and diversity of Indonesian culture
  7. g) Develop character, character and soft skills through planting souls and values ​​of togetherness, independence, work ethic and responsibility.